Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Sometimes our walls need a little bit more than just some frames and a splash of color. A blank or plainly decorated wall can make an otherwise beautiful room feel bland. Of course the best way to fix up your space is to look into hiring a residential interior design wellesley ma professional. But if you want to try your own hand at dressing up some empty space, here are some ideas.

Try washi tape. Washi tape is a papery tape often used in crafts and scrapbooking. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can lay it out in any customizable design you please. It’s a fun way to decorate a child’s room or a cozy space to read.

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You can also upgrade your lighting by placing sconces on an otherwise blank wall. If your space is historically themed, it could be the perfect decorative and functional addition.

You also have a wealth of art ideas. Pictures in frames are often the default, but if you’re looking for something new, the options are endless. Make something crafty, like a bulletin board, an art display, or a unique print. If you want to break up your space a little you can use painted patterns or plywood to create geometric patterns on your walls.

Do you have a collection to display? Perhaps you collect hats or scarves. Hang decorative hooks on the walls on which to display your favorite pieces. Or perhaps you want the world to see the antique plates you inherited from your grandmother. Maybe you can display them in a way that tells a story.

If you want to stick to hanging frames on your walls, you can find unique paintings and printed posters that reflect your individual taste. Whatever captures your essence is an option.